125, Viscri, Brasov County, Romania


Fun Things To Do

While the beauty and serenity of the village are reason enough to spend several days here, there is also a large range of activities that can easily fill a week-long stay in Viscri:

  • Visit the fortified church and the museum recreating the Saxon way of life;
  • Horse-drawn cart trips to the shepherd’s to watch the sheep milking or shearing, and taste the local cheeses (available between May and September);
  • Gear up and feel the thrill of being surrounded by hundreds of bees responsible for the delicious honey found on our breakfast table. Tataie Nae, our pasionate beekeper, will tell you all the secrets of his craft;
  • Visit to the local blacksmith at work;
  • Go on a mountain biking or trekking trail linking two of the neighboring Saxon villages (Crit and Mesendorf) to Viscri over the hills and through the forests;
  • Go truffle hunting in the surrounding woods (available between September and December);
  • Go in search of the wild brown bear in the surrounding woods;
  • Join a local family to the pastures for traditional hay stacking (available in July). Admire the astonishing diversity of wildflowers, including many species extinct in the rest of Europe;
  • Simply stroll through Viscri and admire the pastel facades of the houses or watch the domestic animals wandering the streets. See the cows coming back from the pastures in the evening.

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