125, Viscri, Brasov County, Romania



Over the hills and far away

The hills around Viscri are ideal for hiking. You can meet deer, pheasants, foxes or hares, a large variety of prey or singing birds as well as one of the most diverse flora in Europe. Make sure you take one of our wild fauna or flora guidebooks with you.

Starting from the guesthouse, there are trails that can take anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours, the choice is yours. You can find trails on Google Maps, or you can take one of the maps from the barn.

The area is safe, but you still have to take some precautions. Have your phone with you in case you get lost or need help, you have very good coverage. As anywhere in an area with sheepfolds, dogs can be dangerous. In case you hear barking nearby do not run, call for the shepherd (cioban) and he will take care of the dogs. Ask for some old bread from the kitchen before you leave, it might be a good negotiation tool with the dogs. Do not forget sun protection and water during summer. Remember you are in a protected nature area, please bring back any garbage.

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