125, Viscri, Brasov County, Romania

Horseback riding

Horse rides

The rolling hills of Transylvania offer the perfect setting for horseback riding. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding for the first time or you want to take a 6 day, 180 km long tour to Malancrav and back – all options are available. There are two centres offering rides in Viscri, and both take great care of their horses.

Cart rides

Cart rides are one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the meadows surrounding Viscri, as well as reaching the shepherd’s or the brick maker. A cart can take up to six persons, and routes can be changed according to your interests. You can even take the cart to the next village (Mesendorf) or arrange to be picked up from there, after a beautiful hike through the forests.

It is best to book a cart the day before, so that horses are kept at home instead of being sent to the pasture. Let us know and we will arrange the ride for you. On sunny days, do not forget sun protection, hats and water.

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