125, Viscri, Brasov County, Romania

Local crafts


Being the seventh generation of blacksmiths in his family, Istvan knows both his craft as well as the stories that go with it. He will show you how horseshoes are made and how nails and hinges or any other metal piece we now take for granted were being made a century ago. Make sure you have your camera ready, as this is both a cultural and photographic experience.

Brick Makers

Gheorghita’s grandfather was a brick maker, as was his father before him. The craft has been lost during time, but Gheorghita came back from Hungary to start the workshop again. In the past, each village used to have its own brick and tiles kiln, and materials for construction were almost completely produced locally. In 2006, The Mihai Eminescu Trust brought a British restoration expert, together with his team, and built a new oven for the village. Now, Gheorghita and his family, along with nine other villagers, maintain the oven, light it three to five times a year, producing each time over 6,500 bricks and 12,000 tiles.

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