125, Viscri, Brasov County, Romania

The Houses


Viscri 125

Viscri 125 had not been lived in for 12 years, when we found it by chance. A local had used it to keep animals and seemed like he didn’t clean once in all those years. But it was love at first sight and two weeks after first setting foot in Viscri, we were already cleaning the 3 meter tall stinging nettles to discover what we had bought.

 Viscri 125 is a traditional Saxon farm, built as a fortress, with the main house facing the street, continued by the annexes, and with a large wooden barn closing the main courtyard in the back. Behind the barn, the vegetable garden is continued by the orchard that climbs a gentle slope passed the creek. In time, the courtyard was joined to the one next door, at Viscri 126, and the one at Viscri 124, resulting in a generous oasis of tranquillity and greenery.


Accomodation & Amenities

The rooms

Let’s visit together the interior of our houses, a mix of cosiness and modern facilities that are designed to make your visit more than enjoyable.

The barns

These are shared spaces where our guests can meet, have something to eat, work, play, organize events and many more.

The organic gardens

We take great pride in the natural ingredients used in our kitchen. Find out where we get them and how we grow them.

For the kids

There are many opportunities for kids to play and explore, around the village as well as in your courtyard.

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