125, Viscri, Brasov County, Romania

The barns

The Big Barn

Șura (the barn) closes the back of the courtyard and used to house the cattle and the horses of the family. Under its large roof were also stored abundant quantities of hay that were supposed to feed the animals through the long, freezing winters. For centuries, the compact line of barns had a defensive purpose as well, functioning as a first line of defence against the repeated attacks of invaders.

Nowadays, our Șura is a generous space that invites our guests to savour the delicious food prepared by tanti Vio, a local lady that cooks like a gifted grandmother. And, as a reminder of its old life, we did our best to preserve and display the beautiful wooden structure of the original barn.

The space can accommodate up to 40 people, and opens onto a terrace overlooking the large garden and orchard.

The Summer Barn

Recently we have restored and added a secondary barn that can be used for various activites, due to its accomodating space, such as meetings, events, games and more.

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