125, Viscri, Brasov County, Romania

The rooms


Saxon Style

Every Saxon house in the village used to be continued with several annexes that were essential for the well-being of the family: Șopul, where the cart was parked and the wood for the winter was deposited, a grain storage space and one or more stables, depending on the family’s wealth. The attic was where wheat and corn was kept over the winter.

Maintaining the original distribution of space, we transformed these annexes and the attic above into 6 cosy rooms, each with its private  bathroom, where you can get a feeling of those old slow-paced times, while enjoying the comfort of the modernity.

Each room has a double bed (160*200 cm) and an additional one that is either a traditional tall bed, which can sleep two children, or a laiță (a sitting bench) that can be transformed into a single bed for an adult or a child (110*200 cm).

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