125, Viscri, Brasov County, Romania

The new settlers

Viscri is one of the few lucky examples of Saxon villages that managed to survive after the exodus of the Saxons in the nineties. Saved by the tenacity of a family that refused to give up their home and leave for Germany, Viscri has attracted many young families that decided to give up the city for a slower, in rhythm with nature life. Starting with the year 2000, the village received a transfusion of fresh blood, when families from Germany, UK or Bucharest decided to start a new life in Viscri.

Mara & Alexu

Mara and Alex, a lawyer and a marketing professional, gave up their jobs in Bucharest and started the first proper restaurant in Viscri in 2016.
They are now living above the kitchen, they collect amazing ingredients from small scale local producers and turn them into culinary experiences.
You can find them at viscri32.com.

Annette & Roman

In 1997, at the end of a dormant decade that Romania experienced after half a century of hard line communism, Annete and Roman first came to Viscri and discovered a place lost in the middle ages. They found here a life style long gone in their native Western Germany. She being a dentist and a passionate social activist and him being a quiet landscape architect with a dream to raise horses, it didn’t take long until the allure of this simple place immersed in nature convinced them to pack their belongings and transfer to Viscri.

Doing their best to blend in with the local community and to renounce any comfort that would set them apart from their neighbours, they joined forces with two other German couples trying to find ways of helping the local women financially support their families. This is how the craft of hand made felt shoes started in Viscri. Since then, most of the women in the village are diligently soaping the wool into comfortable colourful slippers that came to be synonymous with Viscri.

The felt slippers are best bought at the Café Artizanat shop, located next to the Fortified Church. Although you can also find them on the street, buying them from the shop offers you the benefit of the quality control imposed by the women’s association that runs the place.

And you can find more about their life in Viscri in their recently published book “Ein Dorf wie nirgends anderswo”, available here: https://www.lehmanns.de/shop/naturwissenschaften/47708580-9783946954514-ein-dorf-wie-nirgends-anderswo


Imola is a visual artist with an amazing life story and a gift for telling it in the most entertaining way. 

After being a fashion designer during the communist times, she moved to Botswana, to be an arts teacher. For a while, she transferred to a paradisiac place on the coast of South Africa, but she decided it was too soon for heaven and returned to Romania. 

After a little research, Imola concluded that Viscri was the perfect place for her. In the charming little house she bought here, Imola created a painting studio where anybody who is interested in painting or talking about arts is more than welcome.

Tina & Ronny

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Ursula & Cristian

Ursula was born and raised in Viscri, but left for Germany to study. Once she got married to Cristian, a Romanian from the other side of the Carpathians, they renovated a house in Viscri, where Ursula’s parents and grandmother still live. While Ursula spends her working days travelling between Bucharest, Berlin and other big cities in Europe, Cristian started a horse riding business in Viscri and can be found most days at the farm, tending to his horses. 

If you fancy a horse ride, contact Cristian at http://www.transylvaniaonhorseback.ro 

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